f#!% yeah brett "maddog" banasiewicz!

A blog dedicated to the 16 year old BMX rider phenom Brett "Maddog" Banasiewicz from South Bend, Indiana run by amandacarmela, also the owner of fyeahsheckler. (:
I do not own any of the photos, videos, etc. I post unless otherwise stated. (:
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Brett Banasiewicz wishes you a Happy New Year and shows some clips getting his manual back. Good to see Brett happy and on the bike.

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"@catfishvsthug: Me and Brett at the Great Wall today! :)"

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"@brettbanasiewicz: Out here in China; on the #GreatWall with #ethika, #rockstarenergy, #vans, and Todd Melson’s tattoo work on display; On a muggy day, but yet again an incredible experience (thanks to BMX) on the #GreatWall of china!"

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"@catfishvsthug: Me and my best friend. Reunited in China. I can’t even express what this man means to me. We have travelled all over the world together and are really really good at laughing at each other. My favorite aspect of this goon is that he has never stopped inspiring people."

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Brett’s Birthday Project 2013

Hey guys! Brett’s birthday is coming up (September 26), and this year I am sending him a birthday card full of messages from his fans. If you’d like your message in the card, write your message in your ask box along with the name you’d like in the card. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here or on Twitter @maddogbxfans.

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Exactly 1 year ago, same day, 2:38; in Virginia Beach I had a terrible crash on my BMX bike resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Please let me get a moment of science; then smile for me and just thank that I’m still here! Please RT. Or share it, Please.

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